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Celebrity Massage Therapists also work for our parent company, Stage Hands Massage Therapy, and provide health care services for the performance industry worldwide. Read testimonials from celebrities, tour managers and other clients that have received treatments from these celebrity massage therapists. Schedule your appointment today through Celebrity Massage 4 You!

“We’ve hired other companies in the past.  Stage Hands is always on time and professional.

When I came on to work with Usher, there was really no other choice. 
We were going with Darcy again.” - USHER

"Can I take your hands on tour with me?" - John Fogerty Band


The name Stage Hands Massage is associated with familiar warmth and physical relief 
by those who keep the machinery of huge tours humming."
 - Alicia Keys 

"Stage Hands Massage Rocks! No matter what city I end up in Darcy has someone for me and the tour. 
 Boston area is the best. We get Darcy herself." - Jane's Addiction


"Maureen in Manchester is BAD ASS!" - Dream Theater


"Kristen in Tahoe is ROCKIN!" - Hall & Oates


"Amber in New Jersey gave the best massage I ever had! 
As far as I'm concerned she's a 10!" - Foreigner


"Deb in Vegas has hands of steel!" - Kenny Loggins


"Mikie in Houston was a tiny little thing, but she came at me like a truck
and knocked those rocks right outta me!" - Roger Waters


"Melissa in Phoenix was the bomb! 
I felt 95% better after that massage!" - Norah Jones


"Elizabeth in Michigan gave me an epic massage...
the best I've ever had,
I want Stage Hands Massage
for the rest of our tour!" - Buck Cherry

"Your Stage Hands Massage Team ROCKS!!!" - Megadeth


"Stage Hands yoga instructors are either consistently
or simply amazing!" - The Fray

"I woke up the day after your massage, and for the first time in
 weeks didn't have a headache in the morning.  Thank you!" - Joe Cocker


"My Stage Manager was raving about your therapist in Connecticut.  Everyone on 
your team has been outstanding in every city.  I don't know what method you use
 to hire your therapists, but it WORKS!!" - Disturbed


"I had the most amazing massage from your therapist in Chicago. 
I levitated for days.  Looking forward to working with Stage Hands for
the rest of our tour!"     - O.A.R

"We had an excellent massage therapist in Boosier City.  She was very 
professional and gave a great massage." - Journey


"Kudos to you and your ashiatsu technique!  I feel great!"

- Nick Gold, Founder of Entertainment Travel


"We want you back at Tourlink next year. One of our board
members said he gets a lot of massages and yours was 
beyond the BEST he has EVER had”
  -Larry Smith,  Founder of Mobile Production Pro Magazine


"I remember YOU!  You massaged me on the road three years ago!
That massage was in my top three, and I've had hundreds! 
I'm so happy to see you again!"
 - Beach Boys


"You must get marriage proposals all the time." - Saving Abel