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Silvana M.
Silvana M.| Mobile & On-Location Massage in Huntington Beach, CA

"It's not what you got, its what you give... its not the life you choose, its the life you live." - Tesla
Kenny Loggins, Blue Sky Riders, Sublime with Rome, Ever-Last, Blink-182, Roger Waters, Def Leppard, Vans Warped Tour, Journey, Lover Boy, Sublimewith Rome, Cypress Hill, Iron Maiden
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Studio: $95/hr; Your location: $150/60 min, $225/90 min
Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach, California
Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy/Herbalism & Reiki
Silvana specializes in Deep Tissue massage, Aromatherapy/Herbalism, and her main specialty focuses on back, neck and shoulder injuries. Silvana has an intuitive touch, therefore allowing her to help treat her clients and free them of the pain they may be experiencing. Silvana has over 15 years experience in the medical field, over 1000 hours of bodywork hours including Reiki energy work, and an advanced Aromatherapy certification. She is constantly taking continuing education classes to insure her clients are receiving the best possible treatment.

A true artist, Silvana combined her passion for bodywork, music, and nature, and Forest Nymphs, an all vegan organic bath and body line was born. Some of her work, such as “Rock Me” Body Scrub, has been featured on HGTV’s 15 Handmade Gifts ideas; various magazines, and her products are carried in several stores, along with WholeFoods Market in Summer 2012.

And advocate for music, health, kids and animals, Silvana is a supporter and a volunteer of such charities as the Hands That Rock; Surfrider Foundation Beach Cleanup., Peta., Music Saves Lives, KLOS 95.5 Radio Walk For The Animals; KLOS 95.5 Radio Blood Drives, CHOC Radio Lolly Pop  and the Fender Museum which supports music in schools for kids. Making a “positive” difference is  the key to a less painful world
Silvana is a certified and licensed massage therapist from Huntington Beach, CA and a Uruguay native.