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With aging musicians and their crew looking for something restorative if not rehabilitative, and young stars welcoming an antidote to their indulgences, massage therapists now appear on the rock scene as commonly as ushers and security guards. Lynch, who divides her time between Boston and Providence, didn't quite anticipate the need for her services when she co-founded her business four years ago.

By Ray Waddell

For those of you smart enough to be among the record-breaking attendance at the ninth annual Billboard Touring Conference Nov. 8-9 in New York, you might have wondered who those nice ladies were offering chair massages front-of-house and in the green room. That effort, particularly enjoyed by rockers like Warren Haynes and Mark Farner and soul powerhouse Tre Williams (who zoned out and almost had to be dragged off the chair to make it to his panel), was spearheaded through the grace of Darcy Lynch and Hands That Rock, a fund-raising offshoot of her Stage Hands touring massage therapy business. HTR's mission is to bring music programs to underserved communities throughout the United States.

Darcy Lynch is the woman behind Stage Hands Massage, a network of hundreds of therapists who work with local, regional and national acts...   Within the world of massage therapy there is a menu of options, from deep tissue to Reiki, that may be beneficial to one client, but not another.  So how does one differentiate between these methods?  Darcy Lynch, who has been a practicing masseuse since 2005, said these are all questions any competent practitioner should be able to answer for their clients.

"I can’t tell what feels better, your feet or your hands!” “Kudos to you and your Ashiatsu technique! I feel great!” “That was BEYOND the BEST massage I have EVER had!” These are some of the comments that Darcy Lynch, owner of Stage Hands Massage Therapy, hears as she takes a therapeutic stroll down the backs of some of the biggest names in Rock N’ Roll.

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